What has Young Wisdom been up to lately?

By Shahe
Short answer:

Writing, editing and publishing.

Long answer:

Lately I’ve been spending more time with clients discussing long form written communications, graphic design, digital publishing and professional printing. Even as most conversations continue to focus on digital trends and content, we have been actively building our capability in print and offline marketing methods as well. Long form content is often required for regulatory or reporting purposes (e.g. IMs, business plans or annual reports) and is also featuring more and more in content marketing campaigns (where you need to give something substantial in order to receive that email address or phone number). Here are some of our projects in this area since July:

Project 1: Unprecedented for Hall Consulting Group


In July, we helped launch a new content campaign for an accounting and business advisory firm. The idea is to feature the life and career stories of the firm’s top clients and friends. Having built a great business over 30 years, the HCG team had no problem finding volunteers. Showcasing successes, failures and all the lessons that both can bring; the firm is actively celebrating some of its closest and oldest friends. To produce each issue, we help the firm’s CEO conduct and record a 1 to 1.5-hour interview with a subject of their choosing. We then produce a substantial article (4,000-5,000 words about the subject), manage the layout design, publish online using the Issuu platform and print 100 hard copies. The peripheral content for each issue includes short blog posts, graphics for social media use and email copy for promotional mail-outs.


See the first release on the Issuu platform, here.

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Young Wisdom manages our “Unprecedented” business publication on an ongoing basis, periodically assisting us in interviewing our top clients and producing detailed stories on their lives and careers. The output has been outstanding and it’s genuinely fun to be a part of the process. We’re getting to know new things about our oldest clients and friends. Shahe is a pleasure to deal with, a skilled writer and an innovative marketer who brings us actionable ideas that have got us excited about the possibilities for our business.

– Chris Hall, CEO

Project 2: Guide to ESVCLPs for Maarbani Consulting


Steven Maarbani has engaged Young Wisdom a few times, spanning his prior role as a partner at PwC Australia and most recently in the launch of his own consulting company. Being an accomplished legal professional, he didn’t need us to write for him. He had engaged us to help launch his new  website and provide some training on how to keep it updated. He then wanted to post an in-depth, Plain English guide to one of his areas of expertise: Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships. We suggested adding some design work to do his words justice. Understanding Steve’s penchant for elegant and minimalist design, we quickly produced the following document and published it for him to share with his friends and followers.


You can see the full publication on Steven’s website, here.



Shahe and his team assisted me in the launch of my consulting brand recently by providing WordPress.com implementation and training as well as graphic design for a digital publication. They were also responsible for the videos that appear on my website. They are professional, receptive to feedback and great to deal with. The team can be trusted to produce impressive creative output within agreed budgets and time frames.

– Steven Maarbani, Managing Director

Project 3: 2016 Annual Report for Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia


We were approached (via a kind referral) by CTF to help produce their 2016 Annual Report. After 1 meeting with the CEO, Richard Hughes, we formulated a Table of Contents and delegated writing tasks to 5 of their team members (taking on some of our own in the process). Within a week and a half, all of the new content was written, edited and ready to go. Within 2 more weeks, consisting of various stakeholder reviews, the entire document was designed and ready to publish. It was wonderful working with such a dedicated team for such a worthwhile cause. Read the explanation of Neurofibromatosis on Page 3 to learn just how important CTF’s work is…

Link (low res):

You can see the full report at the CTF website, here.


Testimonial (excerpt):

As the very busy CEO of a charity that is going through a major growth period, it was important to have someone that could deliver our Annual Report to the standard I needed. Upon meeting with Shahe, he quickly gained my trust and confidence that Young Wisdom could fulfil my requirements within a very tight timeframe; and he never let me down. From the outset, he communicated exactly what he needed to me and my staff. That ease of communication led to a first draft (well within the deadline we had given) that was 100% on brief. It took just 2 revision rounds to get the finished result. Each time we needed to review the document, Shahe made himself personally available and was a complete pleasure to deal with. I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Young Wisdom and in fact have every intention of engaging their services for multiple jobs, far beyond the Annual Report we initially took them on for.

– Richard Hughes, CEO

Why we like this work:
Long form written communications and publishing still have a place in today’s increasingly digital world. Whether conveying large amounts of information about a full year of activities or a highly technical area of subject matter expertise, sometimes good writing is absolutely necessary. Thoughtfully and beautifully produced communications are special, especially when printed professionally. People like to hold, read and keep documents that are done well. They are able to achieve a connection that the 7-second videos, short blog posts and GIFs of the internet can’t quite match.
It’s important to maintain written communications, long form content and print collateral as part of a diverse and effective content mix.
About Young Wisdom:
Organisations of all types are looking at turning their knowledge, plans and stories into compelling multimedia content. Few have the time and know-how to make it happen, let alone on a regular basis. Quality and frequency are often the keys to an effective content strategy. Young Wisdom helps you design, produce and publish persuasive marketing content. We work with you to curate your best messages and share them with the world.

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