Recently we were engaged by the UNSW Hero program, which required a video to support a high-profile tertiary education industry awards application.

With a looming deadline, we worked closely with our client to identify and develop the story they needed to convey and then coached each interviewee through the shoot to provide the best possible unscripted responses. Our easy-going direction style puts non-professional talent at ease, but we listen carefully to ensure nothing of importance is missed. The result? A quality video and an enjoyable process for everyone involved. Fingers crossed for a win now!


Young Wisdom worked quickly to help prepare, film and edit a professional multi-stakeholder video for an awards application about the UNSW Hero program. Their grasp of the key messages we needed to communicate, and advice on how best to deliver them, helped produce a quality video that matched our vision. All within 1 week from start to finish. Highly recommended. 

– Anatoli Kovalev, Hero Program Manager, UNSW Sydney

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