Unprecedented for Hall Consulting Group

In July, we helped launch a new content campaign for an accounting and business advisory firm. The idea is to feature the life and career stories of the firm’s top clients and friends. Having built a great business over 30 years, the HCG team had no problem finding volunteers. Showcasing successes, failures and all the lessons that both can bring; the firm is actively celebrating some of its closest and oldest friends. To produce each issue, we help the firm’s CEO conduct and record a 1 to 1.5-hour interview with a subject of their choosing. We then produce a substantial article (4,000-5,000 words about the subject), manage the layout design, publish online using the Issuu platform and print 100 hard copies. The peripheral content for each issue includes short blog posts, graphics for social media use and email copy for promotional mail-outs.

See the second issue about Australian bus and coach industry leader, John King, here.

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Issue 2

Issue 1


Young Wisdom manages our “Unprecedented” business publication on an ongoing basis, periodically assisting us in interviewing our top clients and producing detailed stories on their lives and careers. The output has been outstanding and it’s genuinely fun to be a part of the process. We’re getting to know new things about our oldest clients and friends. Shahe is a pleasure to deal with, a skilled writer and an innovative marketer who brings us actionable ideas that have got us excited about the possibilities for our business.

– Chris Hall, CEO

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