In 2017, we were invited back by the Children’s Tumour Foundation to prepare their Annual Report. It was a pleasure to once again support an organisation dedicated to such a worthwhile cause.

CTF is a registered charity and the only organisation in Australia dedicated to supporting the 1 in 2,500 people living with Neurofibromatosis. As per their website: Neurofibromatosis (NF) is one of the most common genetic conditions. It can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or family history. Sufferers develop benign tumours called neurofibromas, which grow around the body’s nerve cells – under the surface of the skin, deep in the body, including the spinal cord and brain. These growths can cause sufferers problems with their vision and balance – even blindness and deafness.

The preparation of the annual report is no small task, involving extensive collaboration with various internal stakeholders. Young Wisdom is responsible for curating and proof-reading all content as well as providing new copy as needed. We provide graphic and layout design as well as commercial printing through our partner print shop. With the close support of CTF’s CEO, we were able to deliver the final output in digital and print formats in time for their 2017 AGM.

Visit the CTF website to see the full report.

Like last year, we also supported the CTF Christmas Appeal in 2017 with copywriting, editing, graphic and layout design. Click here to see the appeal letter we delivered, which was distributed to thousands of homes in Nov-Dec this year.

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