In 2017, we were engaged by Masters Academy to produce a series of educational videos for use by students and teachers of debating and public speaking around NSW.

Masters Academy is the largest supplier to NSW schools of persuasive communication skills training (for both teachers and students) and the most prolific publisher of related educational resources.

The Chatterbox initiative was itself designed collaboratively by Young Wisdom and Masters Academy as a way of increasing the social impact of Masters Academy’s work – well beyond its serviceable areas. The freely-available content also serves to augment sessions being taught by Masters Academy coaches and Masters Academy-trained teachers; multimedia content helps increase student engagement both within and beyond the classroom, i.e. in their own time.

As the result of extensive planning, yet just 1 filming day, we ultimately delivered:

  • 5x team profile videos
  • 18x educational videos covering debating and public speaking theory
  • 15x Facebook-optimised teaser videos for promotional purposes (with subtitles applied within Facebook)
  • 1x promotional video of Chatterbox initiative
  • 1x promotional video of Masters Academy

To further enhance the viewing experience, we created a custom kit of motion graphic brand assets (relating to the Chatterbox initiative specifically) and applied this to all videos as appropriate. Some screenshots follow below.

Campaign promo:

Educational content:

Motion graphic kit example:



You can view all the videos at the Chatterbox by Masters Academy YouTube page.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss the production of high quality, cost-effective video content for educational, promotional or other purposes.

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